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Commissary Kitchen Rental

Our licensed commissary kitchen provides commercial space for small food businesses wishing to grow.  Space can be rented hourly or on a subscription basis. Subscription packages start at $8.50/hour.

Pop - Up Bakers

We love to host pop-up bakers on Saturdays at the Market!  We host everything from baked goods to savory foods. Pop up bakers can set up for a $25 fee for the day. Come set up and sell to the market goers!

Baker Vendors

We welcome cottage licensed bakers at Market on main and provide space in our bakery section. It's a wonderful opportunity to grow your business and reach more customers in a retail setting.


Our licensed commercial kitchen offers a space to grow your business.  We have in the space:

* Full Size Convection Oven

* 20 QT Mixer

* Proofing/Warming Drawer

* Triple Compartment Sink

* 6 ft. Stainless Steel Worktable

* countertop induction plate

* Small kitchenwares and bowls


Exceeding Expectations

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